“You’ve earned that bag of fries, c’mon, you know you can afford it, what can go wrong with just bag of chips, it’s what, 500 calories? You burn more than that when you bike, go for it, life’s too short to be worrying about your weight and your blood sugar, it doesn’t matter anyway, who cares, you don’t owe anyone one an explanation, enjoy it, it’s yours, just enjoy it, you so deserve it!”

“Ah, doesn’t that cookie look good, how often to do you get to smell fresh cookies, you don’t even know to bake, you’ll never be able to get such good cookies if you pass on them now. And who said cookies are bad. Don’t you know that sugar actually helps the brain perform complex tasks? Your work is too complex, and you’re under so much pressure to do well, how’re you going to succeed if you can’t even get that sugar you need. You can eat it today, you can’t and shouldn’t have to avoid all the pleasures in life when it throws so many challenges at you, there’s so much to accomplish, and that cookie’s probably the best support you can get today”

“Now, just because you had some chips and cookies doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up all day. Chill now. Take it easy, don’t worry about working out today, and enjoy the goodness of the day. Tasty fries, and freshly baked cookies, why not make it just perfect day by also giving yourself a break from the grueling bike ride. One day of not riding isn’t going to kill you. It’s probably going to help you to get that rest; you’ve been pushing yourself hard over these last few days. You body will thank you for a day’s rest. Take a nice afternoon nap, watch all the Seinfeld you can get on TV, it would be gratifying, I promise you!”

Battling? No. buckling under my demons. Caving in, capitulated.